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Beyond The taste

It goes a little beyond just serving Churros.


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We are always on the lookout for new team members to add value. We are a unique movement always looking to inspire and help individuals grow. Productivity, leadership, integrity, passion and diversity is what we are about. We look for individuals that connect with our customers, It goes a little beyond just serving products. If you want to join our team please fill out the form below and we will get back to you right away.


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Market Hall Fulham


POP Brixton


Winter Wonderland Hyde Park (Christmas 2018)


Winterville Clapham Common (Christmas 2018)


Christmas at Kew Gardens (2018)


The Story

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Above: Rosie & Jakes daughter, Isabella.

Founded in London in 2007, Love Churros is a

vibrant and unique group of kiosks, kitchens,

food trucks and pop ups in London - we open

early, we close late and we serve at an electric

speed, customers on average receiving their

sweet treat within 12-15 seconds of ordering.

The first Love Churros was born

at Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park -

housed in a stand-alone, 6x4 chalet dressed

with striking Christmas decorations.

Fast Forward.

Today, Love Churros has grown to become

the most exciting and recognisable churros

movement in the UK.

We currently operate 3 of the biggest Christmas events, 

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, Winterville Clapham

Common and Christmas at Kew Gardens. Our

Fleet consists of Two food trucks that travels 

the country to all the very best festivals and food events. 

Two kiosks in prime locations open 7 days a week, 

one in Fulham, the other in Brixton.

We’ll see you soon for some Churros & chocolate!